Creech & Associates, Charlotte NC architects, master planners and designers, believe that every successful project begins with a well-developed master plan. We begin the design of every master plan with the goal of creating a sense of place which responds to the overall vision and opportunities unique to the project. Creech & Associates has proven that, because of our in-depth experience in all aspects of design, we are able to create a master plan that represents a balance between environmental, economic, and social responsibility, customized for each clients needs. Learn more about our master planning here. Contact us here.
Thomas Jefferson once said, "But how is a taste in this beautiful art to be formed in our countrymen unless we avail ourselves of every occasion when public buildings are to be erected, of presenting to them models for their study and imitation." Creech & Associates believes that civic buildings still present the opportunity to lead by example and to give something back to the people. This opportunity exists in the design of city and town halls, courthouses libraries, theaters, museums, police stations, or any other building for the people. We design civic buildings that are often landmarks and centerpieces of the community. Learn about our civic architecture here. Contact us here.
Commercial projects are being scrutinized more than ever by lending institutions and must meet strict performance evaluation. Creech & Associates understands the development world and has designed and constructed over $400 million worth of commercial buildings during the past four years. Most of our commercial projects combine multiple uses, making them all interesting and functional places where people naturally want to be. This combined with our commitment to good design, make our projects a good return on investment. See examples of our commercial and mixed use work here. Contact us to learn how we can help you here.
College and university buildings offer excellent opportunities to explore new ideas as we partner with you to seek the best solutions for your needs. Whether it's learning spaces, design, technology or the arts, we believe that educational buildings should be contributors to higher education. We are all life-long learners and Creech & Associates, and have found that our interactive design process and workshops are highly beneficial to the ultimate design outcome and are popular among our higher education clients of all ages. See examples and learn more about our higher education architecture services here. Contact us to discuss your needs.
Research & development projects require a special level of expertise unique to the products or concepts being researched and developed. Out team has provided the skilled partners to complete a number of very complex R&D projects. Creech & Associates is the architect and planner of the North Carolina Research Campus in Kannapolis and UNC Charlotte's Energy Production and Infrastructure Building. We have been responsible for the design of over $500 million worth of research buildings during the past four years. Learn more about our research and development work here. Contact us to discuss your needs here.